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30 11月 2018

Empowering Public-Private Collaboration in Infrastructure: National Infrastructure Acceleration (NIA) approach

The Forum’s National Infrastructure Acceleration (NIA) project, using a model developed and tested across its various national workstreams, designed a standa...

11 11月 2018

Data Policy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Insights on personal data

Development of comprehensive data policy necessarily involves trade-offs. Cross-border data flows are crucial to the digital economy. The use of data is crit...

23 10月 2018

Delivering the Goods: E‑commerce Logistics Transformation

Transport and delivery services are critical for ensuring goods ordered online reach the consumer and are returned when something is not right. This paper pr...

10 10月 2018

Systems Leadership and Platforms: How to mobilize people to transform systems and build the platforms to scale these efforts

This paper will explore some of the leadership and platform-design principles required. It features examples of systems leaders who are already working in th...

1 10月 2018

Global Value Chain Policy Series Regulatory Coherence

The global economy is characterized by international production networks, where firms operate through trade, foreign direct investment (FDI) and strategic pa...

25 9月 2018

Accelerating Sustainable Production

Learn about the opportunities that Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies could bring to the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and its resident companies to ...

21 9月 2018

Bio-Innovation in the Food System: Towards a New Chapter in Multistakeholder Collaboration

Mindful of the systemic nature of the nutrition, food security and environmental challenges faced by today's food system, the present discussion paper focuse...

18 9月 2018

Agile Cities: Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The world is urbanizing and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming life at an unprecedented rate. Cities must be “agile” – able to move quickly and...

14 9月 2018

Global Value Chain Policy Series: Gender

Global value chains (GVCs) are closely associated with the global sourcing of labour-intensive consumer goods from suppliers in developing countries. Women h...

13 9月 2018

Trade Tech – A New Age for Trade and Supply Chain Finance

This White Paper – a joint initiative of the Supply Chain and Transport industries and the System Initiative on Shaping the Future of International Trade and...

12 9月 2018

Shaping ASEAN’s Future Readiness

ASEAN is the fifth largest manufacturing hub in the world and a manufacturing powerhouse. It is estimated to propel itself into becoming one of the largest e...

10 9月 2018

The Appropriate Use of Customer Data in Financial Services

The Appropriate Use of Customer Data in Financial Services is the result of multiple senior leadership discussions and 50+ expert interviews with executives ...




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