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29 12月 2015

Better Growth with Forests: Partnerships for Sustainable Rural Development at the Forest Frontier

Why we need new models of rural development at the forest frontier.

15 12月 2015

Arctic Investment Protocol: Guidelines for Responsible Investment in the Arctic

The Arctic is a diverse, rapidly-changing and environmentally sensitive region that is home for its four million residents and also an emerging global invest...

24 11月 2015

Deep Shift: 21 Ways Software Will Transform Global Society

We are entering a time of momentous societal shifts brought on by advancements in software. According to Erik Brynjolfsson, Council Vice-Chair and Director, ...

26 10月 2015

State of the Illicit Economy: Briefing Papers

A call to action for private and public sectors to pay attention to the growing impact of illicit economy.

21 10月 2015

Scaling Technologies to Decarbonize Energy

Accelerating the development and deployment of technologies to decarbonize energy will be at the core of tackling climate change effectively at the speed req...

5 10月 2015

How 21st-Century Longevity Can Create Markets and Drive Economic Growth

For all the talk of “crisis” and “demographic cliffs,” many business leaders, policy-makers, nongovernmental organizations, academics, economists and others ...

19 8月 2015

Voluntary Responsible Mining Initiatives: A Review

This paper aims to help stakeholders better assess the voluntary initiatives space for mining and consider options to increase impact. It is based on a surve...

25 5月 2015

Risk Reallocation: Tools for Infrastructure Development in Frontier Markets

This report looks at the types and timing of those risks and aims to identify how development institutions, multilateral banks and bilateral donors (collecti...




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