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4 8月 2021

Towards a Data Economy: An Enabling Framework

It is estimated that approximately 90% of data in the world today was created in the last two years. Data has the power to solve some of the most pressing ch...

4 8月 2021

Closing the Loop on Energy Access in Africa

Widening access to clean, reliable electricity is one of the greatest challenges to sustainable development in Africa. Energy storage, particularly batteries...

27 7月 2021

Shifting Global Value Chains: The India Opportunity

Beyond the unprecedented health impact, the COVID 19 pandemic has been catastrophic for the global economy and businesses and is disrupting manufacturing and...

13 7月 2021

Governing smart cities: policy benchmarks for ethical and responsible smart city development

In collaboration with Deloitte

6 7月 2021

The Resiliency Compass: Navigating Global Value Chain Disruption in an Age of Uncertainty

Manufacturing companies have been forced to adapt to COVID-19 and the challenges are far from over. An acceleration of megatrends including climate change, g...

29 6月 2021

Advancing Digital Safety: A Framework to Align Global Action

This White Paper distils a user-centric framework for advancing digital safety. It explores tensions regarding privacy, free expression, innovation, business...

18 6月 2021

Healthy Cities and Communities Playbook

Maintaining health and well-being is the issue shaping our time. Around the world, in every city, poor lifestyle choices, limited opportunities and inadequat...

8 6月 2021

Decentralized Finance: (DeFi) Policy-Maker Toolkit

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an emerging and rapidly evolving area in the blockchain environment. Although examples of DeFi have existed for several years...

2 6月 2021

Building Back Broader: Policy Pathways for an Economic Transformation

The highly asymmetric impact of the pandemic has reinforced historical inequalities within and between countries and is now giving rise to a highly divergent...

27 5月 2021

Infrastructure 4.0: Achieving Better Outcomes with Technology and Systems Thinking

The Infrastructure 4.0 project community was formed to encourage a more holistic, outcome-focused framing for infrastructure. Its members formulated the 13 r...

12 5月 2021

Cyber Resilience in the Oil and Gas Industry: Playbook for Boards and Corporate Officers

To help the energy industry improve its resilience against cyber risk, the World Economic Forum has convened over 40 senior executives to establish a bluepri...

30 4月 2021

Good Data: Sharing Data and Fostering Public Trust and Willingness





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