Global Risks Report 2024

Marsh McLennanとZurich Insurance Groupと共に作成した『グローバルリスク報告書』は、急速な技術の革新、経済の不確実性、温暖化する地球、紛争などを背景に、今後10年間に直面する可能性のある最も深刻なリスクを探ります。協調が迫られる中、衰退した経済や社会は、わずかな衝撃でレジリエンスの限界点を超えてしまう可能性があります。

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Realizing the Potential of Global Digital Jobs

This white paper builds on the January 2024 paper The Rise of Global Digital Jobs, identifying ways to make global digital jobs a reality.
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Today, there is a shortage of nearly 4 million cybersecurity professionals worldwide and, with a consistent year-on-year increase in demand for qualified practitioners, the deficit shows no sign of abating. This paper is intended to serve as a source of reference for public and private decision-makers concerned by the industry workforce shortage and committed to developing and nurturing robust cybersecurity talent across their respective sectors.
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This playbook outlines three guiding principles to support manufacturing and supply chain leaders in establishing a culture of cyber resilience throughout their organizations. Over the past decade, manufacturing has been experiencing a swift digital transformation, which is fuelling growth, efficiency and profitability. This trend has also, however, exposed the sector to a wide range of cyberthreats, such that manufacturing has become one of the sectors most targeted by cyberattacks.
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Space technologies can tackle many of the world’s most pressing business and societal challenges. This report by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey & Company shows that lower costs and improved access to space-enabled technologies such as communications; positioning, navigation and timing; and Earth observation services could take the global space economy to $1.8 trillion by 2035, up from $630 billion in 2023.
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This World Economic Forum report, written in collaboration with McKinsey & Company, measures the current state of global cooperation. It is meant to serve as a tool for leaders to better understand the contours of cooperation broadly and along five pillars – trade and capital flows, innovation and technology, climate and natural capital, health and wellness, and peace and security.
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Annual Report

The Annual Report outlines the concrete progress the World Economic Forum made over the year in a variety of initiatives and demonstrates how the organization continues to be a bridge-builder in the increasingly complex world.
The annual Future of Jobs Report explores how jobs and skills will evolve. The report is based on unique survey data that details the expectations of a cross-section of the world’s largest employers related to how socio-economic and technology trends will shape the workplace of the future.
Marsh McLennanとZurich Insurance Groupと共に作成した『グローバルリスク報告書』は、急速な技術の革新、経済の不確実性、温暖化する地球、紛争などを背景に、今後10年間に直面する可能性のある最も深刻なリスクを探ります。協調が迫られる中、衰退した経済や社会は、耐久性の限界点をわずかな刺激で超える可能性があります。

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