Shaping the Markets of Tomorrow

How can we drive economic transformation? In order to achieve the twin objectives of generating economic prosperity and addressing key societal and environmental challenges, our economies will need to transition to a new technological and socio-institutional system.

Frontier Markets are niches of technological and socio-institutional innovation within the current economic system that allow the creation and exchange of new products and assets. These markets are not mature yet but have the potential to significantly shape the established paradigms of our economies and societies and contribute to an overall economic transformation.

This project aims to provide a simplified framework that outlines the milestones that technological and socio-institutional innovation must achieve to fully develop a new market. A toolkit will be developed to help governments and businesses think through the most relevant Frontier Markets for their countries and industries, assess their level of maturity and identify possible interventions to trigger the necessary set of innovations.

In a second phase, the goal will be to catalyse coalitions of across to shape these Frontier Markets at a global and country level.