Green Trade

Public and private actors are showing great interest in green trade topics. The urgency of environmental challenges is driving a re-think of our production and consumption networks. Supply chain sustainability is gathering mainstream attention, the circular economy needs to be delivered across value chains, while trade and climate topics are increasingly intersecting.

Yet, trade is also not without environmental challenges. Emissions from all modes of international merchandise transport could increase by up to 160% by 2050 if no action is taken. “Environmental leakage” could occur if companies chose to move production to lower standards jurisdictions. Conversely, exporters could be shut out of markets by high standards they are unable to meet. Companies may want to improve suppliers’ impacts, but can have limited visibility upstream, and face a highly complex reporting landscape. 

There is a need to identify practical ways trade can support the transition to a greener global economy. 

The opportunity

The Forum has an established green trade public-private community to unpack these issues. We provide value to stakeholders by:

-Organising multistakeholder research to frame issues, identify solutions, and supportive policies

-Rolling out in-country pilot initiatives to deepen understanding of green trade opportunities

-Building momentum for green trade policy cooperation and outcomes in intergovernmental settings

Our green trade community draws on the strengths of the Forum’s trade and environment networks. We blend academic and policy expertise with practical insights from industry and market leaders. Since “green trade” covers many different topics, we run several parallel workstreams focused on specific concerns or themes often in collaboration with other teams across the Forum, and are always open to new ideas to take forward. 

Currently, our main areas of focus in supply chain sustainability, the Climate Trade Zero initiative, and circular trade. Get in touch for more information.



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