Safety by Design (SbD)

Safety by Design puts user safety and rights at the centre of the design and development of online products and services. 

Rather than retrofitting safeguards after an issue has occurred, Safety by Design focuses on the ways technology companies can minimise online threats by anticipating, detecting and eliminating online harms before they occur.

This proactive and preventative approach focuses on embedding safety into the culture and leadership of an organisation. It emphasises accountability and aims to foster more positive, civil and rewarding online experiences for everyone.

Safety by Design also acknowledges the need to make digital spaces safer and more inclusive to protect those most at risk. It encourages technology companies to alter their design ethos from ‘moving fast and breaking things’ or ‘profit at all costs’ to ‘moving thoughtfully’, investing in risk mitigation at the front end and embedding user protections from the get-go. All Safety by Design initiatives have been developed through in-depth research and consultation with industry for industry.

Research and consultation for Safety by Design began in 2018. It now includes:

For more information please read the Safety by Design principles and background and the frequently asked questions about the assessment tools





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