Ylva Hansdotter

PhD Candidate in Virtual Reality for Impact

Ylva is the founder and director of 'XR impact', a non-profit organization that leverage Extended Reality technologies like VR and AR to extend human sensory and cognitive experiences with the ambition to inspire positive global action towards the Sustainable Development Goals. She is also a Ph.D. Candidate at SMARTlab (UCD/Mechanical and Materials Engineering) and she focuses her research on the use of positive and immersive storytelling to stimulate prosocial actions. Ylva helped create the world’s first VR app store while working with HTC Vive in San Francisco, where she also initiated and directed "VR for Impact", a multi-year program providing grants to VR projects with social impact. Ylva is the board chair of ‘Social Entrepreneurship Forum', and she serves as a mentor to social entrepreneurs in finding sustainable business models to create thriving social businesses. She is a board member of Good Caouse Foundation/GodEl, a utility company run as a social enterprise. She has a background as a Partner at a global Management Consulting firm (now EY) and she has +20 years’ experience in coaching leaders and teams to realize organizational and personal growth. Ylva has an interdisciplinary academic background from computer science and behavioral science (University of Stockholm), and management programs from INSEAD and Harvard Business School. She is a strong believer in a future, post-disciplinary, educational system.



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