Rinat Tuhvatshin

Co-Founder; Manager, Development, Kloop Media Foundation

I write, code, and train. I have been doing that for at least 11 years, since 2006 when we founded Kloop Media. Now Kloop Media is probably the leading investigative medium in Kyrgyzstan. Kloop is OCCRP member and the only organisation from Central Asia that was presented at TED in Vancouver. We teach and raise our own journalists. Most of the materials we publish are written by our current or former students. Many of them are under 20. Still larger media like The Economist or The Guardian quote us from time to time and sometimes employ our graduates. My current role in Kloop is supervising projects that everyone considers insane. As soon as a project starts looking plausible I pass it to somebody else. My former projects include using drones for investigative reporting, cross-linking public databases to discover corruption, real-time broadcasts using aggregated bandwidth of cellular modems. Currently I am involved with creating AI-based assistant researcher for investigative reporters and building first Kyrgyz satellite. I freely speak Russian and English, code in Python and Java. A bit crazy about neural networks (particularly, convolutional ones). Even more info about me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rinatius