Nisreen Elsaim

Global Shaper, Khartoum Hub

Nisreen Elsaim is an environmental and climate activist with over ten years of experience working on issues related to policy, peace and security, migration, adaptation, and different areas related to climate change. She earned a Bachelor’s degree (Honours) in Physics and a master's in Renewable Energy, both from the University of Khartoum, Sudan.
Ms. Elsaim is a member of numerous advisory groups, having led and mentored a large number of young people in regional and international spaces.
Nisreen is also an expert in energy and climate policy, with experiece as a junior negotiator with the African Group of Negotiators in technology transfer. She also wrote several policy papers on climate change, renewable energy, and youth empowerment.
Recently the chair of UN Secretary-General Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change, Nisreen organized various conferences, programs, and campaigns to ease young people’s access to decision-making spaces.



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