Mikaela Jade

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Indigital

Mikaela Jade is the founder of award-winning company Indigital which uses AR as its primary tool. Mikaela joined Microsoft Australia's Reconciliation Action Plan Advisory Board in 2018. She partners with Microsoft and Telstra Enterprises to deliver Indigital Schools, a digital skills program drawing on cultural language and knowledge for cutting edge technology skills development in schools and communities. Together they work with some of the most remote Peoples' on earth using digital technologies to translate cultural knowledge within Indigenous communities; showcase their cultural heritage to their visitors in compelling ways; and create jobs from the digital economy. She is also a United Nations Permanent Forum Indigenous Issues delegate, Tribal Link Alumni member (New York), Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Wollongong and Fellow of the Australian Rural Leadership Program. There are very few people in the world doing this kind of work with remote communities and Indigenous peoples and her addition to the Council would be enormously beneficial if we truly want to shift the needle on diversity in the field. In a time of climate crisis, we have to work out how to seed these tools within Indigenous communities.



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