Maimunah Mohd Sharif

Undersecretary‐General of the United Nations; Executive Director, United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)

Executive Director, United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN‐Habitat), level of Undersecretary‐General. Formerly, Mayor of Penang Island, Malaysia. 2011, first woman appointed President of the Municipal Council of Seberang Perai. Led the Municipal Council of Seberang Perai to achieve vision of a “cleaner, greener, safer and healthier place to work, live, invest and play”. Champion of gender‐responsive participatory budgeting and gender responsive participatory planning, integrating gender perspectives into the governance process to mainstream gender into budgetary and development policy and planning. 1985, began career as a Town Planner, Municipal Council of Penang Island. 2003, Director, Planning and Development. 2009, first General Manager to establish George Town World Heritage Incorporated and manage the George Town World Heritage Site, inscribed by UNESCO in July 2008. BSc (Hons) in Town Planning Studies, University of Wales Institutes of Science and Technology, United Kingdom; MSc in Planning Studies, Malaysia Science University. Recipient of numerous awards, including: Planner of The Year 2014, Malaysian Institute of Planners; 2016 Global Human Settlements Outstanding Contribution Award during Habitat III in Quito, for contributions to sustainable planning in Seberang Perai; 2018, recognition for being the first Asian woman to be appointed as Executive Director of UN‐Habitat, Malaysia Book of Records.



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