Magdalena Młochowska

Director Coordinator, Green Warsaw, City of Warsaw

Director Coordinator for Green Warsaw, City of Warsaw, where she supervises the Office of Air Protection and Climate Policy, the Office of Environmental Protection. In addition, the Greenery Unit, City Forests, ZOO and Animal Shelter.

For most of her professional career, she worked in or on behalf of local government- in the Union of Polish Metropolises (2010-2012) and at the Ministry of Administration and Digitization (2012-2016) As a deputy minister, she was responsible for cooperation with local governments, finance and the legal department. Since 2016 she workes in the City of Warsaw- as a vicedirector in the Office of Decree Affairs, since 2019 as a director in the Office of the Housing Policy and since 2021 as a Head Coordinator for Green Warsaw.
Currently, she is responsible for climate policy, air protection, environmental protection and green areas.

In 2006, she graduated from inter-faculty studies in Environmental Protection at the University of Warsaw. In 2007, she graduated from spatial management at the University of Warsaw. She also completed postgraduate energy-saving construction studies at the Warsaw University of Technology.



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