Liz Nabakooza Kakooza

Global Shaper, Kampala Hub, MindLab

Liz is a dynamic and passionate professional with a remarkable track record in driving impactful change across various sectors. With a decade of experience in communications and policy, Liz has been a catalyst for transformation and a champion for youth engagement and participation, mental health advocacy and, global governance.

As a seasoned leader and a pioneering and celebrated mental health advocate and champion in Africa and Liz has curated a powerful network of professionals and activists dedicated to mental health across Africa. In her work with MindLab and now Catalyst Health, she has spearheaded initiatives that have opened dialogues, influenced policymakers, and created safe spaces for young people to openly discuss mental health and equity. She is Co-Founder and Chief Executive at Catalyst Health Access, a dynamic and forward-thinking social enterprise dedicated to fostering health equity across the African continent. Catalyst Health is committed to identifying and implementing innovative healthcare solutions to address the pressing challenges faced by individuals and communities in Africa.

Liz’s impact doesn’t stop there. As a member of the Global Shapers Community an initiative of the World Economic Forum, she is a contributor to a global network of emerging leaders worldwide that are committed to creating impact through dialogue, action and change. She has served as curator for the Kampala hub and served on the Global Advisory Council representing Africa and MENA. Due to her invaluable contributions, she is now a member of WEF’s Global Future Councils, the world's foremost invite-only multidisciplinary network of thought-leaders from government, civil society, academia and business. Her engagement in the Council for the Care Economy showcases her dedication to creating frameworks and investments that promote social mobility, gender equality, and job creation in a bid to contribute to the creation of a well-functioning Care Economy, currently estimated at $ 11 trillion globally.

With a passion for cross-collaboration, Liz thrives on expanding her sphere of influence, learning from global leaders and engaging in projects that drive impactful change on local, regional, and global levels. Her participation in prestigious leadership fellowships including The Mandela Washingon Fellowship (MWF) for Young African Leaders, The Young and Emerging Leaders Project by the LeO Africa Institute and the YALI fellowship at the Regional Leadership Center East Africa, has not only broadened their knowledge but also provided invaluable networking opportunities within their alumni communities. She now serves as an ExCo member of the LeO Africa Institute.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Liz is known for her vibrant personality and infectious enthusiasm. She brings a fresh and engaging approach to her work, making even the most complex topics accessible and relatable. Whether it’s advocating for mental health and health equity, driving global youth initiatives or shaping policies for a better-shared future, Liz is committed to making a lasting impact and leaving a legacy of positive change.

Liz has a knack for networking and connecting people and ideas and spends a great deal of her spare time making such meaningful connections. When she is not shaping policy or driving impactful change, you can find her curled up with a captivating novel accompanied by the smooth melodies of soft jazz and soul.
An old soul at heart, Liz finds solace and inspiration in the timeless tunes of Sinatra, Nina Simone, Nancy Wilson, Otis Redding and others.
Fueling her adventurous spirit, Liz loves to travel and explore big vibrant cities, (sand and beaches, not so much!). She occasionally expresses her creative side through the occasional art project or writing, with the possibility of one day penning their own work.
In her free time, she also coaches other young women in leadership empowering them to reach new heights!

Amidst the whirlwind of life’s adventures, Liz is a proud mother to a pre-teen affectionately known as Peaches who she can’t seem to get off of TikTok!



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