King L Chow

Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Professor of Life Science, Chem. & Biol. Eng., and Public Policy at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Prof. Chow received his Ph.D. from Baylor College of Medicine and was a Martin Foundation Fellow at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He directed many successful programs on Molecular Biomedical Sciences, Bioengineering, and Individualized Interdisciplinary Major. He held positions of Academic Director of the Common Core Program, and Director of Interdisciplinary Programs Office overseeing the development interdisciplinary programs spanning from Environment and Sustainability, Public Policy, Public Health, Risk Management to Technology Management. He helped launch the Department of Integrative System and Design and the Division of Public Policy. He is currently the Dean of Students leading all student educational support beyond academic disciplines.

His research focuses on molecular genetics, neural development, synthetic biology, and evolution studying neural circuitry architecture and evolutionary traits. He has served as the president of the HK Society of Developmental Biology, as a Council member of the HK Society of Mol Biol & Biochem, Hong Kong Institute of Science, member of numerous advisory committees and review panels on education/research in higher education institutions, global university alliances, and the government. He is on a number of editorial boards of professional journals and has helped drive the development of synthetic biology in Hong Kong, and has served on the Board of Directors of the iGEM Foundation since 2013.

He actively engages in various teaching development initiatives centered on interdisciplinary study. He also heads the Center for Development of the Gifted and Talented overseeing activities that nurture gifted students and STEM education in Hong Kong.



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