Jonquil Hackenberg

Partner; Head, Sustainability, PA Consulting Group Ltd

Jonquil comes with nearly 21 years’ experience in global consulting, half of that time with Infosys. In this role she has led strategic engagements and complex transformation programs, that bring a deep understanding of new technologies, industry challenges and the principals of Design Thinking together. She has a passion for sustainability and that has guided her most recent client work, including:  Global transformation programme for the agricultural industry to provide traceability in the supply chain and implement demand-driven integrated business planning to provide better transparency and reduce global footprint  Global supply chain programme for the CPG industry to provide distribution efficiencies and reduce costs and global footprint  Traceability and ethical sourcing case study for the FMCG industry to provide traceability of ethical sourcing through blockchain technology As Head of the C- Suite Advisory Practice in London, she is responsible for leading on a set of key topics: • C-Suite strategy based upon IOT tenets of sustainability, flexibility, traceability and predictability • Thought leadership and offerings focussed on sustainability and the modern supply chain • Talent acquisition and development Jonquil is a thought leader who publishes papers and speaks often on the topic of sustainability, including:  Part-time MBA programme lecturer, Renewables, University of Applied Sciences | Berlin | Current  Guest Speaker, MBA Renewables Conference Berlin | Sustainable Supply Chains: The Industry 4.0 business case for energy management and renewables | June 2017  White paper: how sustainability is disrupting today’s supply chain | March 2017  White paper: traceability through integrated business planning in the digital age | May 2017  White paper: from farm to shop floor: traceability in the food supply chain | September 2017 She has been invited to present later this year at the Global Energy Conference, ONS, in Norway on future societies and the overall technology play to achieve sustainability. Jonquil also presented at the Manucore European Supply Chain Conference in Warsaw in early March this year, which met with a lot of interest across multiple industries.



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