Isaac Castro García

Alumni, Global Shapers Community

Isaac Castro is an entrepreneur and technologist, co-founder and CTO of Emerge, a Los Angeles-based technology company committed to redefining the concept of teleportation by connecting people’s emotions and feelings. Working at the intersection of neuroscience and immersive computing, Emerge is striving to tear down the barriers of distance in this hyper-connected but increasingly fractured world by designing new forms of communication, shaping the future of work and education, and creating a platform for empathy building. He is an MIT Technology Review ‘Innovator Under 35’ recipient for the invention of a medical device for more effective cancer treatment, and he now serves as a member of the selection committee. Castro is passionate about creating new technologies to positively impact people's lives globally but he is also committed to contributing to solve his local communities’ toughest problems. As a World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper with the Bogotá Hub, he actively worked on inspiring youth and fostering peace and reconciliation with former FARC guerrilla members in Colombia. Castro holds a master’s degree in telecommunications engineering and he is a graduate of Singularity University Global Solutions Program at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley. Castro is a co-author of a book on the future of work and he is a frequent speaker at Singularity University and MIT.