Constanza Gomez-Mont

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, C Minds

AI ethics & AI for good strategists and practitioner.

- Founder and Director of C Minds, a women-led action tank that works at the intersection of new technologies, society, and the environment.
- Founder of AI for Climate focused on advancing the use of new technologies for climate and biodiversity conservation and regeneration impact both with on-the-ground initiatives and the development of twin transition policies with governments, mainly in Latin America.
- Selected as part of the steering committee for the global platform, Women4 AI Ethics, of UNESCO and part of the High Level Group to draft the first Global Recommendation of Ethical AI (UNESCO led, signed by 193 countries).

I have worked during the last 15 years in the development field, being a social entrepreneur and strategist. I have had the amazing opportunity to found NGOs, national advocacy coalitions and lead the development of both national and local legislation and policies in the fields of digital economy and social development. Passionate about mobilizing minds into action and bridging the gap among sectors and disciplines to create sustainable impact.

I am the founder of C Minds, a women-led think-and-do-tank focused in the intersection of technology and society, advancing the adoption of human rights-based technology social good and AI governance in emerging economies. C Minds' AI for Good Policy Lab has led an Artificial Intelligence (AI) effort in Mexico that includes the development of the National Government Policy White Paper for AI (2018) that catalyzed the Government’s development of the National AI strategy (one of the first 10 countries to do so); the cofounding of the national AI multi-sector coalition in Mexico (; and the cofounding of fAIr Jalisco, the first living lab in the Global South for AI-driven social policies and social entrepreneurship. Our current endeavor includes helping develop #fAIrLAC, an AI for impact regional initiative in Latam by the IDB to create a more AI competitive and fair region. Our Resilience Lab in C Minds tests new frameworks and ideas through policy prototypes, project incubations, and creating trans-regional knowledge communities, which are part of our DNA.

My quest for making the ethical debate on AI more inclusive has led me to be an international speaker in leading forums, co-found the Latin America Circle of the IEEE Global Initiative focused on ethical standards, and be selected to be part of the High-Level Group for UNESCO's work on AI ethics; and Regional Coordination Strategy High-Level Advisor for IEEE; currently collaborating with UNICRI, UK Embassy and others to connect Latin America to international meaningful AI governance processes.

I have been a consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, UN, Embassies, National and City Governments on future cities, future workforce, digital economy, and AI for impact. C Minds' work has been featured in recognized media such as Forbes, Times, Reuters, and Harvard. Grateful to have been recognized by the WEF as a Global Shaper, the UK Government as an International Leader, have won the Singularity University (SU) Impact Challenge and the Paris Peace Forum Award for one of the 10 most promising initiatives.



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