Bushra AlBlooshi

Senior Consultant, Research and Innovation, Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC)

Dr. Bushra AlBlooshi, Senior Consultant of Research and Innovation in Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) and the chairwoman of digital skills committee in Dubai Digital Authority. Bushra leads many strategic initiatives in the city of Dubai such as Dubai cybersecurity strategy, R&D agenda, Dubai Cyber Innovation Park (DCIPark) and Dubai cybersecurity policies and certifications. Bushra is involved in many strategic initiatives in Dubai such as Dubai open data project (DubaiPulse), invest in Dubai, UAE digital identity( UAE PasS) and Dubai IoT and Blockchain platforms. Bushra has more than 17 years of experience in digital transformation, cybersecurity and strategy management. She held different positions in different industries and organizations. AlBlooshi published and participated in many national and international conferences. Dr. Bushra is currently a member of several advisory boards and committees nationally and internationally.



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