Basima Abdulrahman

Alumni, Global Shapers Community

Basima is a seasoned green tech entrepreneur with over 15 years of expertise in sustainable development. As the Founder and CEO of KESK, the pioneering company that fuses renewable energy solutions with software technologies in Iraq, she is committed to ensuring a smooth transition to sustainable energy generation by harnessing abundant sunlight as well as get real-time monitoring of solar energy assets to track and monetize power generation and consumption. With a diverse range of accomplishments, Basima has served as a World Economic Forum Foundation Board Member between 2019-2022 and is a laureate of the prestigious Cartier Women's Initiative in the MENA Region. As a thought leader in the Greentech sector, Basima's insights have been featured in renowned publications such as TIME magazine, Inhabitat, Forbes, BBC, WEF Agenda, and the National, among others. Since 2018, she has been sought after as an international speaker, captivating audiences with discussions on entrepreneurship, climate change, greentech, and environmental issues in the Middle East. Basima holds a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a master's degree in Structural Engineering from Auburn University/USA. She is an accredited professional by the U.S. Green Building Council since 2016.



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