Barbara Harvey

Managing Director, Accenture Research, Accenture

Barbara Harvey is a managing director in Accenture Research and is the lead for Accenture’s research on workplace equality. Barbara joined Accenture in 1997 to establish an advanced research capability. That team is now a global, end-to-end research capability of 300 people. The research team has experts in every industry and all aspects of business (digital, AI, future workforce, etc) and has technical experts who provide expertise in, for example, statistics , economic modeling and data science. Barbara has a BSc in Geography from Exeter University and over 25 years of experience in research, spanning quantitative techniques and statistical methods, qualitative research, ethnographics and business research. Barbara is the co-founder of executive sponsor for Accenture UKI’s award-winning Mental Health programme. She is a ‘Straight Ally’ for our LGBT community and actively promotes Accenture’s Inclusion & Diversity initiatives.