Ari Popper

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SciFutures

Ari Popper is the Founder and CEO of SciFutures, a foresight and innovation firm. Ari and his team work with large companies and organizations like Visa, Hershey’s, Ford and NATO. In 2011, Ari invented the idea of SciFutures in a science fiction writing class where he was inspired by the power of science fiction to render the future in visceral and tangible way that leads to a deeper understanding of possibilities. SciFutures’ mission is to help create inspiring and insightful future literate visions of the future that results in meaningful innovation and positive change. Over the years, SciFutures has written thousands of stories for its clients. They have over 300 science fiction writers around the world that write for them to help their clients solve their innovation and transformation challenges. A passionate vegan and humanist, Ari’s mission is to use the power of stories to help create a world that is net positive for all species. Ari is a sought after keynote speaker having spoken at TEDx, SXSW, 4As, NRF and a wide variety Fortune 500 Leadership Conventions for companies like Starbucks and General Mills. Ari and his team’s work has been featured in publications like Fast Company, Wired, BBC Future, CNET and The Boston Globe.