Andrew Agbo-Madaki

Alumni, Global Shapers Community

Andrew is a Fellow and Certified Management Consultant (Institute of Management Consultants) Currently studying for a PhD in Security & Strategic Studies, he is Computer Forensics (Msc) graduate from the University of South Wales. He also holds a BSc in Sociology from the Benue State University. Andrew currently the Chief Executive Officer of Decy-4 Technologies, an ePayment and Information Security Consultancy. Andrew is the General Manager of the Africa FinTech Network. He has worked as a Senior Cyber threat Analyst at Cybyl Technologies Surrey UK and British Sky Broadcasting Limited (UK). In 2013 he returned to Nigeria and worked as a Chief Technology Officer at Brinq Africa, a Central Bank of Nigeria approved Payment Terminal Service Provider where he managed a multi million Naira cashless project installation for Moneygram. Andrew has consulted for UNICEF, UN Wowen, World Food Programme and many others. In 2017 he was elected Curator of the World Economic Forum's GLobal Shapers Community (Abuja Hub). In 2015 he initiated a new project called the Vote In Peace (#VIP, #VoteInPeace) initiative in preparation for the general elections in Nigeria. Andrew is a consultant at the World Bank Group and the Emergency Coordination Center in Nigeria working on the Humanitarian Development Peace Nexus and an interactive mapping system to track Humanitarian and Development efforts in the country. In 2019 he was nominated for the Young Achiever Award at the DAAR Awards.