Akram Dweikat

Founding Curator and Alumni, Nablus Hub

Akram Dweikat is a Palestinian computer engineer and entrepreneur based in London, Recognized by UK Government as an Exceptional Talent in computer engineering, innovation and entrepreneurship. Akram is the Head of Machine Learning and AI at Dae.mn, building innovative Machine Learning and AI practices and algorithms. In his spare time, Akram builds agricultural gardens for income and food security in Palestine. Akram was also one of eight youth selected to meet US President Barack Obama on his official visit to Palestine to discuss innovation, entrepreneurship and education. Previously, Akram was the CTO of BfB Gaming Labs, Building games that help young people improve their mental health. He has expertise in Financial Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Machine-Learning. Akram is well-known for establishing the startup and entrepreneurial community in Nablus, Palestine. He co-founded and co-led Google Developer Groups in Nablus and PALinnO, the first private seed-funding program which connected Silicon Valley investors to Palestine. Akram was one of the founding and driving forces for many entrepreneurial events in the Palestinian community including the first ever Startup Weekend.



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