Overcoming religious tensions in Europe

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In Collaboration with the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches

True religious faith cannot be reconciled with xenophobia and racism, yet it is often used as a justification for both. Although people of many different religions live together in Europe, they often have difficulty understanding each other.

1. How can people's understanding of different religions in Europe be improved?
2. How important is awareness of one's own religious identity?
3. To what extent is increased interaction between people of different religions an effective measure against xenophobia and racism?
4. What is the role of religious fundamentalism in this context?


Pinchas Goldschmidt, President, European Conference of Rabbis

Espen Barth Eide, Minister of Defence of Norway

Amr Khaled, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Right Star Foundation International, Egypt

Gottfried Locher, President of the Council of Swiss Protestant Churches, Switzerland

Hamid Shadi, Director, Research, Brookings Doha Center, Qatar

Moderated by: Barbara Bleisch, Moderator Religion and Philosophy, Swiss Television



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