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Strategic Intelligence Pro

Navigate the future with confidence

Strategic Intelligence Pro seamlessly blends state-of-the-art generative AI with the World Economic Forum’s unparalleled network of global experts, industry leaders, and decision-makers.

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Identify transformative trends

Strategic Intelligence scans vast amounts of expert publications from our trusted sources and generates clear, actionable insights in real-time. This is your compass to identify and navigate trends before they transform your business environment.

Generate scenarios


A major breakthrough in vertical farming tech leads to the development of efficient and sustainable systems



As autonomous vehicles become more common, cities struggle to address the impact on urban design and land use.



A new technology is developed that can capture and store carbon dioxide emissions of industrial processes.

Air Pollution

Lead the way

In the intricate labyrinth of the future, Strategic Intelligence Pro is your guide. Anticipate the turns and navigate the future with confidence. Explore potential scenarios across more than 300 topic areas generated by our advanced AI.

Communities that define tomorrow

Strategic Intelligence Pro is more than a tool. It’s your key to a network of peers and thought leaders spanning 300+ topic areas. These are the people defining tomorrow, and with Pro membership, you're not just a spectator. You’re at the heart of the conversation.

Instant briefings on 300+ topics summarised by AI

Benefit from instant briefings on 300+ topics, now upgraded with cutting-edge AI technology to provide you with summaries on emerging trends and potential scenarios. Keep your business strategy sharp and informed.

Tailored recommendations for your business

Receive tailored alerts and recommendations based on your unique profile. Personalised to suit your business needs, these will be designed to enhance your strategic planning and execution.

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Connect the dots with collaborative collections

Create your own intelligence collections. Integrate your own content and engage in collaborations with other professionals, spreading your message and enhancing the depth of your insights.

Contribute to expert-led communities

Join expert-led briefings and professional communities on critical issues and capabilities like Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, and Strategic Foresight and Innovation. Stay ahead by accessing the forefront of knowledge and best practices.

Access World Economic Forum’s virtual programs

Get an exclusive chance to participate in virtual programs running concurrently with significant World Economic Forum events. Keep your business strategy aligned with the global pulse by getting first-hand insights and perspectives from our global community.

What our members say

I was blown away. When educators, administrators and students alike begin to dig into the wealth of information available, you will find that this is a life-changing, school-changing type resource

Jason Reagin

IBCP Coordinator, Chadwick

International School, South Korea

The Transformation Maps open up avenues for leaders to support their teams in working together to understand the context for the development of their strategic priorities and to communicate about complex issues in a visual way. Leaders can leverage the maps to inform their own perspectives and those of their teams as well as create space for collective exploration and strategic conversations.

François Ortalo-Magné

Dean, London Business School

The Forum Transformation Maps framework allows companies to evaluate the many external influences on their businesses. This provides a completely different perspective on business risk analysis that allows the internal approach to be calibrated and revised against these external forces.

Patrick Allman-Ward

CEO, Dana Gas

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