World Economic Forum on Latin America

13—15 3月 2018 São Paulo, Brazil

最新のアップデート: 15 Mar 15:29 UTC
10:01 UTC

Day One in São Paulo

Welcome to our live coverage of the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2018. We'll be here for the next two days, bringing you snippets from our live-streamed sessions, Agenda blogs, social media channels and other digital highlights.

For full details on the various ways to follow the meeting, including embedding the sessions on your own blog or website, take a look at this detailed guide.

The theme of the meeting is Latin America at a Turning Point: Shaping the New Narrative, with sessions focusing on skills, corruption, jobs, gender parity, economic and social inclusion - among other key topics.

Before then, here's a closer look at some of the themes that are likely to dominate discussions here in São Paulo.

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