The Future of Real Estate: Driving An Industry Transition

The Future of Real Estate – Pathways for Industry Recovery and Transition.

 Buildings and cities are vital to societies and economies. They are the vehicles through which people live their lives: they bring people together, provide respite, shelter and inclusion, drive businesses, support or damage health, and nurture creativity. The past two years have brought the convergence of multiple crises – public health, social, economic and planetary – to a crescendo and, with it, a reckoning for the real estate community to evolve to serve people and planet.



  1.  Convene visible and transformative leadership that can shift the industry consensus, increase the understanding of what is possible and advance public-private collaboration to develop and implement effective policy 

  2. Distribute A Framework for the Future of Real Estate to spur the delivery of liveable, affordable, resilient and sustainable buildings and cities 

  3. Advance high-impact workstreams to address key areas such as decarbonization and technology






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