Shahana Althaf

Postdoctoral Associate, Yale School of the Environment

Dr. Shahana Althaf is a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Industrial Ecology, Yale University. Her expertise is in the field of industrial ecology where she carries out material flow analysis for a wide range of material systems including metals, fibers (paper, textiles) and electronics, to inform strategies to reduce their environmental, social and economic footprints. Prior to joining Yale, she completed her PhD in Sustainability and Master’s in Telecommunication Engineering Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology, United States. Her PhD research focus was on the sustainability implications of consumer electronics adoption in the United States, which involved collaborations with stakeholders including Consumer Technology Association (CTA), U.S. EPA, product manufacturers, recycling industry and e-waste regulators. Her research has resulted in award winning journal articles (RCR Journal Best Paper Award 2019) and peer reviewed industry reports, which has received many media mentions (,,



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