Peggy Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, Agility Robotics

Peggy Johnson currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Magic Leap, a spatial computing company building the next computing platform. Ms. Johnson joined Magic Leap in August 2020 to lead the company into its next phase of growth with a focus on expanding product market fit for the enterprise.

Prior to Magic Leap, Ms. Johnson was executive vice president of business development at Microsoft where she was responsible for driving strategic partnerships and transactions to accelerate growth for the company and its customers. Johnson worked with external partners around the world, ranging from start-ups to large-scale enterprises, to identify areas of collaboration, drive innovation and unlock shared value. In this capacity, she also managed Microsoft’s relationship with the venture capital community and oversaw strategic investments through the company’s corporate venture fund, M12.

Prior to this role, Johnson spent 24 years at Qualcomm, where she served as a member of Qualcomm’s Executive Committee. During her time at Qualcomm, Johnson held various leadership positions across engineering, sales, marketing and business development, and ran the Qualcomm Internet Services business unit. Most recently, Johnson was executive vice president of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and president of global market development, where she was responsible for commercializing new business opportunities and developing strategic relationships for the company.

Prior to joining Qualcomm, Johnson worked as an engineer for General Electric’s Military Electronics Division.

Johnson earned her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from San Diego State University. She serves as a board member for Blackrock and previously represented the United States on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Advisory Council. She has been recognized by multiple organizations, including Silicon Republic (“40 Powerful Women Leading Tech Around the World”), Business Insider (“26 Most Powerful Female Engineers in 2016”), Connected World Magazine (“2014 Women of M2M List”), Women in Technology International (“2013 Hall of Fame Award”) and STEM (“100 Women Leaders in STEM, 2012″).



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