B Kalyan Kumar

Corporate Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, HCL Technologies Ltd

Kalyan Kumar B. (KK) is Corporate Vice President & CTO of HCL Technologies. As the CTO he is actively involved in Product & Technology Strategy, Partner Ecosystem, Startup & Innovation Incubation and also supports the Inorganic initiatives of the company.

KK also has Line Responsibility as the Practice leader for Digital Foundation Services (Infrastructure & Ops Modernization) and Cloud Native Services of HCL and oversees the DRYiCE Software division of the company. Additionally, KK is the executive sponsor for the strategically curated Ecosystem Partner Units in HCL.

KK is a member of WSJ CIO Network and WEF’s Global Future Council 2020 on Quantum Computing and serves on the Board of Directors of two startups and a midsize Technology Company in Hybrid Data/Analytics domain. He is a published author, having written six books on various technology subjects and also blogs often on latest trends in the IT Industry.

KK is a Trustee of a London based Charity driving the adoption of Cricket in State Schools and continues to work with many public stakeholders on the agenda of holistic development of children through sports.

KK lives in London with his spouse and Son.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kalyankumar/
Twitter: @kklive



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