Mari Elka Pangestu

Managing Director, World Bank (2020-2023), World Bank Group

1978, Bachelor's (Hons); 1980, Master's in Economics, Australian National University; 1986, PhD in Economics, University of California Davis. 1986, Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia. 1989, Head, Economics Department, Centre for Strategic and International Studies. 1987-89 and 1990-92: consulting work; concurrently with World Bank. 1988-89, with ADB; 1992, with UNCTAD; 1993, with Fias, Int'l Finance Corporation. 1995, coordinated studies, APEC; 2002-04, Coordinator, Task Force on Poverty and Development, UN Millennium Project. 2004-11, Minister of Trade; since 2012, High Level Eminent Person, UNCTAD; since 2012, Member, Leadership Council, Sustainable Development Solutions Network.



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