Pictures for Peace

Pictures for Peace’ is a photo blog which endeavors to bring India and Pakistan closer by way of photographs.

Both the countries have had the most complex relationship, only contentious and controversial issues such as terrorism, Kargil War, Kashmir… are discussed in conventional discourse. The only voices that get heard across the borders are those of rabid fundamentalists and politicians. The voice of the common man so to speak is seldom heard.

Majority of the population in both these countries do not know much about each other and there has been no informal medium of communication between the people. Through this blog we want to touch the humane side of things and showcase what the daily lives of the people entail.Pakistan and India despite all the differences are actually very similar. Both the countries are plagued by similar issues, eat similar food, share a passion for cricket… The list is endless!

We intend to spark off a dialogue between the two neighbours and hope for conversations to revolve around common issues and daily lives on either side of the border. These one-on-one interactions will help individuals understand each other better and bring people of both countries closer.





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