Global Supply Resilience Initiative

In an increasingly unpredictable, interconnected world, the criticality and frailty of global supply networks becomes more apparent each day. From supply chain disruptions resulting from the global Covid pandemic to more recent shocks, such as the significant food system impacts resulting from the events in Ukraine, it is clear the world needs better insight to improve supply system resilience and agility than our predominating, fragmented visibility presently affords.


Improving supply system resilience is essential to minimize the impact of future shocks to the system, accelerate equitable responses to the devastating outcomes of global health, climate, and economic crisis, and be better equipped to anticipate and respond to future system shock. This requires that system-wide visibility be improved. The ability to identify and even predict bottlenecks, rely on timely awareness of capacity constraints, port and airport congestion, transit delays, natural disasters, and socio-economic disruptions, is today impeded by a lack of aggregated, actionable data insight.

The Global Supply Resilience Initiative

To help build greater supply system resilience, establishing a public-private sector coalition to develop and deploy a digital supply system visibility platform is proposed. The central goal of this initiative is to develop an open-source, pre-competitive Global Supply System Dashboard (GSSD), using elements of near real time, anonymized, aggregated public-private data to provide visibility of system performance, indicating ongoing and anticipated disruptions.


The coalition aims to:

-       Establish and implement frameworks for data sharing and cross-sectoral value chain collaboration

-       Develop the Global Supply System Dashboard / Platform starting with a narrowly scoped pilot use case, championed by UNICEF

-       Support shared learning frameworks and publications to accelerate participation and impact.

Why join?

The Global Supply System Resilience Initiative offers a unique opportunity for collective action, accelerating development of visibility solutions to facilitate agile responses and mitigation of anticipated risks. A multi-stakeholder engagement initiative, putting contributors at the forefront of harnessing technology, data, and AI for a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient supply system.

Coalition members will be a part of a catalytic public-private initiative, onboarding transferrable learnings through creating a visibility tool that demonstrates the transformative value of pre-competitive, shared intelligence solutions, providing timely actionable insight that can positively impact multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Maria Lilholt – Lead, Supply System Resilience Initiatives


Margi Van Gogh – Head, Supply Chain & Transport Industries





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