Global Dialogue on the Future of Economic Progress

Economic policies and systems have failed to deliver on people’s expectations. The advancing Fourth Industrial Revolution has tremendous potential to drive renewed economic progress, yet at the same time is inherently polarizing and adds uncertainty and complexity. It is playing out under serious environmental strain and disruptive demographic pressures. The Global Dialogue on the Future of Economic Progress aims to harness the collective intelligence of  world leading economists, technologists, select policy makers and other experts towards a shared perspective on some of the world’s most pressing problems, enhancing the understanding of trade-offs as well as policy responses to emerging macroeconomic challenges. Over the next 2 years the Global Dialogue will set out to:

  • Explore how economic policies and institutions need to and can be transformed to address current challenges and make our economies fit for the future;

  • Raise awareness and develop proposals on how the next frontier issues should be tackled in economic policy making.

The Global Dialogue will consist of several workstreams, focusing on a number of timely questions that will generate a flow of insight on key economic topics, inform programming and catalyse new thinking that will lead to policy innovation and change.