Epidemic Big Data Resource and Analytics Innovation Network (EPI-BRAIN)

Outbreaks are inevitable, however, in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is possible – if we act collectively – to mitigate the impact of outbreaks by harnessing AI and epidemic intelligence to predict and forecast epidemics.

There are promising examples where public and private data and data insights have improved epidemic readiness, but innovation has typically been ad hoc, initiated only around outbreaks, siloed, short-lived, and under-integrated.

Investments in data innovation have not been commensurate with the potential opportunity, nor the growing threat that epidemics pose to lives and livelihoods. And, still, most countries do not have access to contemporary analytic approaches.

Unlocking the full potential will require an all-hands-on-deck approach – similar to when the international community committed to the creation of CERN.

The Epidemic Big Data Resource and Analytics Innovation Network (EPI-BRAIN) aims to be a sustainable, shared, accessible, and integrated data innovation ecosystem to reduce the impact of outbreaks through forecasting and predictive analytics.





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