Building Employee Trust in Vaccination Coalition

The Challenge

Public hesitancy towards vaccination is growing with WHO naming it one of the Top 10 Threats to Global Health in 2019.

Resistance to vaccination poses a major threat, not only to public health, but to businesses and economies across the globe – especially in the face of COVID-19. Experts estimate that at least 70% of the population will need to be immune to the virus to stop community spread of SARS-CoV-2. Accomplishing this demands that public confidence in COVID-19 vaccination be high.

Vaccines won't work if people won't take them. Building and sustaining vaccine confidence has never been more important.

The Opportunity

As trusted messengers of credible information, business leaders can and should play a critical role in building vaccine literacy and confidence. In a June 2020 survey, only 71.5% of participants reported that they would be very or somewhat likely to take a COVID-19 vaccine, but 61.4% said that they would accept their employer's recommendation to do so.

The VIEW Collaborative, a community of business leaders, will raise awareness, facilitate dialogue, and importantly, drive commitments and action among like-minded executives.

Our engagement and leadership can help shape the future of our workforce, our companies, and our economies.

Our Approach

Together, with partners, this initiative will drive impact through five key areas, including:

1. Identifying needs & opportunities for employers to encourage vaccine literacy and confidence in the workplace through formal research.

2. Exchanging knowledge for peer-to-peer learning between members.

3. Mobilizing our network in service of driving solutions and action to build vaccination trust and literacy.

4. Articulating and amplifying resources, guidance, and tactical support to help members successfully communicate about their commitment.

5. Measuring impact and tracking key performance indicators to measure the coalition's impact and provide company specific pre- and post-implementation measurements.

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