Blockchain Is a Team Sport: Models for Consortia Governance

The Challenge

Organizations are starting to understand the disruptive potential of blockchain to solve pain points and provide

increased efficiency, automation and transparency. CEOs are also starting to recognize that industry-wide collaboration

around blockchain is necessary so that proof-of-concept, standards and solutions can be adopted at industry-scale. In fact, a lack of collaboration can undermine or even block the transformation that blockchain technology

has the potential to bring about in a given ecosystem. While the rewards from collaboration can be high, agreeing on what constitutes a fair and well-designed consortia governance system, let alone a joint blockchain platform, can be challenging. This is where many industry collaboration efforts have fallen apart. To increase the likelihood of success and thereby maximize the benefits of blockchain along value chains, the Forum launched this project to foster impartial

industry- and ecosystem-wide blockchain collaboration.

The Opportunity

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology, by its very nature, makes a transformation from a siloed approach to end-to-end value chain integration within fragmented and complex ecosystems more attainable. This project will convene

experts to co-design governance frameworks to support the formation of successful Industry Blockchain Consortia (or similar types of collaboration models). The frameworks will guide and help new consortia reach consensus on what constitute fair, neutral and robust a) consortia governance (e.g. rules, cost allocation, intellectual property) and where applicable a b) joint industry blockchain platform. MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative), a success story

for blockchain industry innovation and collaboration in the mobility industry, as well as other established consortias,

will share best practice, lessons and insights which will inform the consortia framework.

Not only will such frameworks allow the relevant players to save costs and overcome the challenges and complexities

of initial set-up, but they will also encourage adoption across the ecosystem.


The goal of this project is to co-design and pilot both a framework for consortia governance and a joint blockchain

platform that can be applicable to diverse industries consisting of many stakeholders with differing relationships and incentives. By bringing those with experience in blockchain industry consortia, competitors and parties up-and downstream together to co-develop and design, this project aims to reduce misteps and embed best practices into

consortia formation.

Blockchain has the potential to upend entire systems. Simplifying industry collaboration and fostering collective efforts

will accelerate the benefits of blockchain and support much-needed industry-wide digitization and automation.