Global COVID-19 Fintech Impact and Resiliency Study

In collaboration with the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at University of Cambridge and the World Bank Group, the Forum has launched a survey to understand the impact of COVID-19 on fintech markets, the response of the global fintech industry to the pandemic and immediate regulatory and policy implications as a result of economic volatility. 

Through conducting an online survey of fintechs, the goal of the initiative is to rapidly assess the performance of the global fintech market and ascertain what kind of regulatory and policy responses might be most appropriate across different fintech market segments and geographical markets. In doing so, the group will work with more than 150 global fintech associations and ecosystem partners and disseminate the survey to over 15,000 fintech firms in 190 jurisdictions. 

The survey will collect globally comparable empirical data to inform evidence-based regulation, policy and business decision-making in a timely fashion. All survey data collected will be anonymized and aggregated before analysis and presentation.

Based on the findings, the collaboration will jointly publish a report in September 2020. In turn, fintech industries and Digital Financial Services (DFS) providers can better position themselves not only to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 but also to identify opportunities to scale and expand, as the digitalization of financial services is likely to become increasingly more important in a post-COVID world. 





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