#WeAllMove: A universal open mobility match-making platform

COVID-19 abrupted our ability to move, with a third of world’s population in lockdown. While mobility services should prioritize the movement of essential workers, the task is not all that simple due to gaps in information about evolving mobility options and lack of matching-making tools. Furthermore, one of four employees cannot work from home, many businesses rely on mobility, and sustainable mobility choices are being shut down. The need to match mobility needs with mobility options is critical and holds the key for transitioning the world into a resilient and sustainable new normal in mobility. A universal #WeAllMove impartial digital platform is launched by Wunder Mobility, a Global New Mobility Coalition member, in partnership with the World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform for match-making an array of mobility choices available in over 200 cities from around the world. Public and private mobility providers, cities, users, and improvers, are all invited to enhance the platform.





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