Mobilizing Hand Hygiene for All Initiative


Improving the WASH sector’s resilience to absorb the shock of the primary and immediate socio-economic impacts caused by COVID-19 is critical now but also for the future. Currently 3 billion people – 40% of the world’s population – do not have readily available access to handwashing facilities, with 43% of health care facilities globally lacking hand hygiene at point of care. 

The Opportunity:

The spotlight that the COVID19 pandemic has shone on hand hygiene represents an opportunity to radically transform our approach: to place hygiene at the heart of strategies to protect global health, to ensure that affordable products and services are available when needed.

Key Actions:

- Respond to the urgent, immediate needs for essential hand hygiene products and services.

- Rebuild markets and catalyse supply chains to deliver robust, yet affordable hand hygiene products and solutions.

- Reimagine a future with resilient, sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene systems, reaching everyone, that can withstand shocks.

As part of the broader Initiative, Unicef and the World Economic Forum have launched the Hand Hygiene Market Accelerator (HHMA). The HHMA's aim is to support the creation of new and vibrant local markets to trigger supply and demand for affordable, accessible and desirable handwashing solutions so that supplies are available where and when needed, for everyone.

If you have any questions or would like to join the HHMA, please send an email to Karla Nausova (





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