Hour of Pride

COVID-19 is disrupting all parts of the workplace, including how workplaces support their diverse and inclusive cultures remotely. Organizational and brand commitments to LGBTQI+ workplace inclusion are being put to the test as Pride parades, workshops and other in-person community activities are being cancelled. How can workplaces find ways to encourage diversity, inclusion and community during the COVID-19 crisis?

Hour of Pride is a multi-stakeholder project that brings together business and nonprofit leaders to promote their commitments to LGBTQI+ inclusion during the COVID-19 crisis. From one-hour virtual workshops to virtual Pride parades with local organizers, Hour of Pride gives companies and organizations an opportunity to showcase their commitments and inspire others to keep their Pride and commitment to LGBTQI+ inclusion during the summer of 2020.

Comparable to initiatives like Hour of Code, Hour of Pride is not a single event but a collaborative project inviting you to share what your organization will be doing to celebrate LGBTQI+ community and inclusion while social distancing during the crisis.

Hour of Pride builds on the World Economic Forum’s Workforce Principles for the COVID-19 Pandemic, focusing on employee experience, engagement and motivation. 

You can participate in Hour of Pride in the following ways:

- As a company or organization: Register your commitments in the submission form as part of the Hour of Pride project under the World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform. Commitments can include a range of programmatic activities related to workplace LGBTQI+ inclusion and allyship, as well as broader commitments during the summer of 2020. The commitments will be made public as a collective inventory of Pride commitments during COVID-19 and displayed on the World Economic Forum website and associated social media platforms.

- As a media partner: Indicate your interest in the submission form to join us as a content and media partner in sharing messages and calls to action on LGBTQI+ inclusion from around the world as part of the Hour of Pride Campaign.

- As a committed leader to diversity and inclusion: How can your leadership show their individual commitment to Pride? Hour of Pride invites selected CEOs, community leaders and influencers to show their individual leadership through featured blogs, videos and media by the World Economic Forum. Please indicate your interest in the submission form.

You can view the list of current commitments here.





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