Global Shapers Response to COVID-19

Through the COVID-19 Steering Committee, the Global Shapers Community is training its members to develop local projects to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. For this the Steering Committee has created a project playbook examples that are ready to be implemented. The goal is to mobilise the community to:


  • Amplify trusted information and debunk myths in communities around the world through direct outreach, social media campaigns and thought-leadership on the Agenda (#People Reached)


  • Increase collective action to support public health systems, protect livelihoods and help build more inclusive community responses through hub projects and global initiative (#People Benefited)


Please explore the different efforts the Global Shapers Community is doing in the "Related Projects" Section on the right. Those are some of examples of the local actions Global Shapers are doing to improve the state of the world one city at a time.





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