Arts & Culture Global Solidarity Network

Culture is at the heart of our lives and society.  The culture sector — an engine for content that shapes our imagination and the narratives of our lives — has been significantly affected. As the unimaginable has become possible it becomes clearer of who and what we care about through this crisis. Society needs now a vibrant cultural sector to help shape the narratives of a post-Covid world.


In response, the Arts & Culture Global Solidarity Network is one of the latest projects to launch through the Forum’s COVID Action Platform, engaging artists, cultural institutions and the broader cultural ecosystem, to share lessons learned for navigating the crisis as a sector, and to come together to help shape narratives of the world we want to live in post-Covid-19.


Bringing together mission-aligned cultural institutions from across the globe, the Network’s key action areas include:1. How to Support COVID-19 Behaviour Change

2. How to Develop Collaborative Arts Projects for International Solidarity

3. How to Provide Emergency Support for the Culture Sector

4. How to Support a Sustainable Culture Sector After COVID-19

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