The SkillsLink Alliance

Making skills the currency of the labour market

The SkillsLink Alliance is an ecosystem of partnerships between learning providers, employers and governments designed to operationalize the Reskilling Revolution and shift toward a skills-based labour market by:

1.   Adopting a common language for skills

2.   Recognizing skills-based credentials

3.   Partnering for skills-based learning delivery

4.   Adopting and championing skills-based workforce strategies.

Making skills the currency of the labour market offers great benefits for individuals, businesses and governments including increased opportunities and access to the labour market; better signalling of job fit; and improved organizational agility.

By providing a platform for collaboration, the SkillsLink Alliance enables changes in policies and practices that can lead to greater efficiency and diversity and promote lifelong learning.

A holistic and integrated approach to skills

The initiative originates from the World Economic Forum’s New Economy and Society Platform, which is focused on building prosperous, inclusive and just economies and societies. For more information, please contact Genesis Elhussein, Project Lead, Centre for the New Economy and Society, at:





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