Yi Hsin Cathy Chen

Global Shaper, Ottawa Hub

Global Shaper, Ottawa Hub, World Economic Forum. As a Senior Policy Adviser in the Government of Canada, collaborates with 23 countries and the European Union, as well as scientists around the world, to accelerate clean energy innovation through a multilateral initiative called Mission Innovation. Develops and implements global calls to action in eight technology areas aimed at addressing climate change, energy security, and energy access. Expertise in climate change, energy, and sustainability traverses the sub-national, national and international levels, including at the New York City Mayor’s Office and International Renewable Energy Agency at United Nations headquarters. Has developed a multifaceted understanding of how the worlds of technology, finance, and policy intertwine. Aims to apply this knowledge to cultivating the next generation of climate leaders and entrepreneurs. Graduate, Columbia University. Climate Reality Leader. Mentors youth and delivers public talks on climate and energy-related issues.