Sirma Umur

Vice-President, Brand, Europe and Global Brand Building Reinvention, Procter & Gamble Europe SA

Sirma was born in Istanbul in 1967 and is a mother to one son, Bora. After graduating in Business administration from the Bosphorus University, Sirma joined P&G Turkey in 1990 in brand management and moved to Europe in 1995. In over 20 years Sirma has led different roles in brand management and was promoted to a general manager position for personal cleansing North America in 2004. From 2007 to 2014 Sirma played a key role in developing the P&G feminine care business across different markets in WE, and then total Europe Middle East, Africa and India. Sirma has also been a key pillar in driving the girls’ education and empowerment program together with UNESCO. She has led the partnership that resulted in the publication of the Good Policy and Practice on menstrual education with Always puberty education program as the private sector best example. In December 2015 Sirma has been appointed VP Babycare for Europe of 3 billion $ business. Sirma is also leading the Pampers UNICEF 1 pack = 1 vaccine partnership program that has donated to date over 64 million $ and protected 100 Million mother and their babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus. In August 2018, Sirma has been appointed VP, Global Marketing and Brand Building.