Open Forum

«Touching the Past» - One Sonata, Two Eras of Musical Instruments

Collaboration with University of Basel, Music Academy

The Sonata for cello and piano by Ludwig van Beethoven will be played twice op.5. No. 2 in G minor. Among the instruments used in both performances are 200 years of social, technical, musical and artistic development. The juxtaposed instruments will open ears, perceptions and feelings towards music.

1. How are the differences between old and new instruments perceived?
2. Why is it important to understand the spirit and craftsmanship of a bygone era? Today does this knowledge help a musician?
3. What is the impact of listening to music as if for the first time and understanding the impact it once held?


Thomas Demenga, Prof. Thomas Demenga, Cello, University of Music Basel (FHNW), Switzerland

Tobias Schabenberger, Professor, Piano, University of Music Basel (FHNW), Switzerland